The Challenge:
Americans Elect is the first online, nonpartisian nomination vying to put a third choice in the White House. Americans Elect came to us to help them build a highly scalable, milestone oriented site.

Not only was the goal to get users to choose a candidate through the site, but also to empower them by sharing and discussing their views on a social platform integrating into the build. In addition to the site build, we were also slated to update their identity and develop a media push around the site to create buzz and generate acquisition.

The Results:
400,000+ delegates. 300,000+ new Facebook fans. And thats just the beginning. As of now they have collected over 2 million signatures. That's more than half of what's required to get on the ticket for the presidential election.

And all of this was achieved by asking the simple question: Who Will You Choose in 2012?

Additional Awards:
Clio: Silver
Clio: Bronze

Peoples Choice: SXSW



Atlanta, Georgia