Resting in peace is hard work! For Ghostie, it's one thing after another - literally - as he dodges obstacles, leaps over pitfalls and avoids other spooky surprises on his path. Customize your Ghostie and help him safely cross to the other side of each hauntingly addictive level. And frequent updates will provide new challenges, obstacles and surprises sure to keep your spirits up! It's the most fun you can have without a pulse.


“If Jesus had a favorite app... This would be it. Playing this game is like frolicking through the back hair of an angel or riding a unicorn over a rainbow of awesomeness.”
-Gordon Hall

“I've played Ghostie more than any other game in years. I actually missed my train stop because I was trying to finish a level! Love the artwork. Love the music. Love it.”
-Ryan B., NYC

“"I like it; not in spite of the kick-in-the-nuts difficulty but because of it. It looks good, plays well and doesn’t give you an easy ride.”




Atlanta, Georgia